Thursday, May 24

Vanity Pillowcases

Do you think Jeff would notice if I casually snuck in these pillowcases onto our bed? I love the idea of these!

Actually now that I think about it, I could purchase two pillowcases of my choosing and ask Jeff's mom to sew in the words. She has one of those fancy, uber-expensive Bernina sewing machines that do everything except command NASA flights. 

Rather than "Sleeping Beauty" and "Prince Charming" - which doesn't fit us at all - the pillowcases could say "Hers" and "His" or "Mrs." and "Mr." (someday!).  I love that personalization can be really inexpensive and thoughtful!

Saturday, May 19

Photos: Pretty in the Bedroom

The other day I blogged about prettying up our bedroom with some new purchases. Here's a breakdown of what we did:

  • New sheets and (2) pillowcases 
  • Curtain (plus rod)
  • Decorative pillow
Doesn't seem like much but the sheets alone took up more than half our budget. I think the best deal we got was on the curtain panel, and I really think it lifted the look of the bedroom considerably. It's not picture-perfect yet but I think we're on our way. 
Undressed window on the left, finished product on the right. And I love the way the sun comes through the curtain in the morning! The light is so soft and really brings out the floral pattern.
Curtain: Botanical Burnout, Target.  Rod also from Target.

Fieldcrest Luxury 450 Thread Count Solid Soft Sheet Set  in Grey, Target

Adding a touch of femininity to the room. The grey sheets were a compromise  but Jeff let me have my way with the curtain and decorative pillow. Ultimately I think he feels I made the best choice. 

Top: front of the pillow. Bottom: back of pillow
They aren't different colors. My camera is senile.
Simply Shabby Chic Embroidered Euro Pillow, Target

View of the pillow that wasn't taken witha  senile digital camera. 

In addition to the new purchases, we also removed the tiled garden table that I had been using as a bedside table. While I'd like to have the free space available for storing extra pillows and bedding, right now it's being used for the portable air conditioner.

The bedroom hasn't received the kind of attention that the other rooms have, but I think we're now in a position to build on the few items we have purchased. We only have so much room to work with and because we're coming from two different households, we have two different sets of furniture. One of the more exciting aspects of living with someone is building everything together. I really like shopping for home furnishings with Jeffrey and I can't wait to see what else we come up with!

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Monday, May 14

Pretty in the Bedroom

Tonight we picked up a few good deals from Target to pretty up our bedroom. That was the room we had paid the least attention to. We've also made some minor changes to the furniture layout throughout the apartment. I can't wait to see how it all comes together!

Wednesday, May 9

Photo Post: Our Terrace Garden

Jeff getting ready to plant our new gardenia bush.

Our recent purchases: a dwarf lemon tree, gardenia bush, and these two planters. I am loving the large planter for the dwarf lemon. So beautiful!

I can't wait until this yields some fruit!

He's wondering why I'm taking pictures of him, lol.

Clearly he's doing all the work!

The daisy seeds I planted weeks ago are finally starting to sprout!

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