Beauty Must Haves

There are products we all use and love that cannot be replaced (no matter how hard we try) and will always have a place in our bag, drawer, or shelf. They are repurchased time and time again because they have proven to be a necessity in our lives. They are our beauty must haves.

These are mine. Tried and true that I wouldn't want to live without, you will always find these with me or in my bathroom.

Bausch & Lomb Sigh Savers Pre-Moistened Cleaning Tissues
It seems as if my glasses are constantly getting dirty. I don't always have a (clean) microfiber cloth handy, and if I can't find one at all then I have to live with seeing through the muck. Not good. These individually packaged wipes are a life saver. I tuck them into my makeup back, my wallet, in my purse, and keep the box of them in my bathroom. Best of all, they're super inexpensive at Wal Mart, which is pretty much the only place I've ever seen them. 
Vaseline, travel size

Since middle school I have trusted Vaseline to protect and moisten my lips every day. I keep one in my purse at all times and unless I'm using a more expensive version (such as Rosebud Salve) this is my go-to lip balm. I will forgo lipstick/gloss in favor of this stuff. It's amazing. Plus, Vaseline can be used in a ton of other ways, such as on cracked or dry skin (guilty: my feet) or even on your elbows. For about a dollar this staple is always at my side.

Suave Advanced Therapy Body Lotion
I am very picky (read: OCD) about the moisture level of my hands, and not any lotion will do when it comes to moisturizing. One every few years I will find a new lotion that becomes my staple, but for the past few years it has been Suave Advanced Therapy (the blue bottle). I have bottles of this everywhere. I keep a glass lotion dispenser stocked with it, I have a bottle by my bed, and I keep a travel size refillable bottle at all times in my purse. If I'm out somewhere and I don't have it with me, anxiety ensues and it is not a pretty picture. This stuff is my saving grace.

What are some of your Beauty Must Haves? Leave a comment below!

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