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I don't love trying out new beauty products. It can be an expensive commitment and often requires a lot of research in advance. Testimonials from others who have tried the product(s) you're interested in can be imperative when buying a television, a book, or even clothes. But when it comes to our skin no one else's experience can really tell us how the product to your/my skin. That's why I love samples. Whether as gifts with purchase or in monthly boxes (such as Birchbox), samples are the easiest way to discover what works, what doesn't, and what will become your next Beauty Must Have.

Laura Mercier Face Polish
I usually stick to drugstore brands for beauty products, but when this came in a Sephora It Bag (a recent promotion) I was intrigued. The packaging alone looks so lovely and rich. The creamy color is an invitation to smooth it over your face, and when you do it smells heavenly. There is something very glamorous about this face polish, and that's why it's the very first item I'm including on my Beauty Wishlist. In the meantime I'm using the 0.4 ounce sample sparingly.

What's on your Beauty Wishlist? Let me know in the comments below!

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