Saturday, March 24

Spring Planting

Back in January we bought fixings to start growing a small garden on our tiny little terrace. I think we may have missed the deadline to start planting stuff but I think if we can get it done this weekend we'll be okay. I don't have high hopes for things to grow in this climate anyway. But we'll see! It will sure be nice to have some green things growing out there to make the view a bit nicer.

Jeff's mom planted a bunch of seedlings in a big greenhouse starter kit and already many of them have sprouted up quite nicely. They have this perfect area in their kitchen where a small bay window juts out, allowing for sunlight and precipitation. They should look really nice when they are more grown. Jeff is so funny - every time we go to his parent's house he has to comment on the state of their gardening or the pond or some specific plant. I suppose since his emotional ties are stronger to his childhood home it makes sense.

I'm really looking forward to what Spring has to offer. I'm not looking forward to the 100 degree weather that is sure to cause misery, however. But since Jeff is off school for summer (not me, grr) perhaps we can spend a lot of of time at the pool, staying cool and getting tan. It's a nice thought at least!

In the meantime I'm firmly ensconced in finals and will be for the next two weeks. Joy is the life of graduate student!

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Tuesday, March 13

Friday, March 2

Kitchen Nightmare Postponed On Account of Life

I've been hoping to post some after photos after my last post about updating my kitchen, but.... honestly my kitchen is not exactly photo worthy right now. It's amazing how when you have two graduate students living in a shared place dishes are the least important factor. And not to mention the dining room table is still covered in old cups and glasses because I have not yet had a chunk of time to dedicate to clearing them off. I do have some "after" photos to show of the cupboards but I may hold off on those until I can create a better post.

I will have to find time this weekend to fix everything up. I don't know yet how that will be possible but it's on my to-do list. All I can do is try!

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