Thursday, November 15

Just A Touch-up & Some New Features!

Same cute theme, slightly different layout. And I like it much much better. You may notice there are some tabs up top ^ and some new features! Beauty Must Haves is my selection of products I cannot live without. Stuff like lotion, lip balm, and wipes for my glasses (so I can see clearly). Beauty Wishlist is the same idea but products that I've tried and fallen in like/lust/love with and want to purchase in the near future.

There is also quick access to my Pinterest, which is just over flowing with hundreds of pins I've obsessively collected and saved to my Macbook. No, seriously. It's a problem.

I've got a whole list of new features/ideas/posts that I have in the works, so be sure to keep coming back to look for them!

What do you think of the touched up layout and new features? Let me know in the comments!
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