Wednesday, January 4

Ikea Catalogue Shopping, Part 3: the Bathroom!

When we first moved into our apartment our shower/tub was missing one critical feature: a curtain. Fortunately we got a great deal on a curtain we both liked (it took a while to find something) and have used it as the starting point for all of our bathroom decorating. We bought some matching towels, a bathmat to stand on once done showering and a mat to stand on while showering. It really pulled our bathroom together and looks so fresh and inviting! It makes a great statement.

I'm kind of in the mood to mix things up and buy some bath towels that I'd be proud to hang up in the bathroom. It's not that we don't have any towels because we have quite a few. Only one of them matches. I'm not one for doing matchy-matchy decorations but I would like to incorporate more of the colors from the shower curtain into the bathroom. Ikea has a lot of different colored ones and they are nicely priced. A few of these could definitely tie in the curtain to the rest of the bathroom.

Jeff thinks we don't need any since we already have a few bath towels, but it's a purchase I'm going to push for just so that our bathroom looks all that much nicer. 

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