Monday, January 9

Some New Additions (w/ photos)

The four wooden spoons you see on the left are ones I have had for probably 10 years. They even went to college with me. Sadly, their quality isn't too great and I don't really like holding them in my hand. So when I saw these Giada bamboo spoons at Target last year I knew I had to have them! We have a lot of items from her collection now and we are still planning on getting more! 

I can't wait to use these. I already threw out the old ones and put the new ones in their place. I'm curious to see how long it will take Jeff to notice the switch.
Since we got cable we have been watching an embarrassing amount of cooking shows.our favorites are Giada at Home, Everyday Italian, Real Home Cooking, and Paula Deen's show as well. Right away we identified two things we wanted: a wood grain cutting board and a santoku knife. Both are pricey on their own at places like William Sonoma. But thanks to WalMart, we scored both (from the Paula Deen collection) for just under $50. Never before has slicing tomatoes and cheese for a sandwich (I packed Jeff a lunch today) been so much fun!

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