Tuesday, August 14

Ikea Catalog Shopping, Part 5: a great coffee table

Our current coffee table is made of the same uninspired black material as our one bedside table... so naturally I don't like it. Shortly after we moved in and Jeff's parents bought us our much beloved bookshelves from Target, we found a nice little coffee table from the same collection that we would have loved to buy. If only it didn't exceed $100. I've kept that table in the back of my mind for when the times comes we can purchase it, and then I saw this great little option from Ikea.

At less than half the cost of our original dream coffee table, this option would not only match our current decor but would also create a bit of a fun centerpiece. I really like the glass top and the built-in shelf beneath it - great for magazines! We have a really pretty bowl that's currently sitting on top of our ugly table that would like nice on either surface. 

Coming up next: Kitchen seating and cooking!

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