Friday, August 17

Ikea Inspiration, Part 7: Terrace/Kitchen Storage

I wish my terrace looked like this:

Alas, we have about 25% of that amount of space. Space is an issue all around in our apartment (the exception being our enormous walk-in closet) so we're not able to do much on our terrace or in our kitchen/dining area. What little cabinet space we have is reserved for plates, cups and wine glasses, and we have no food pantry whatsoever. Instead, we employ a metal shelving unit we purchased at Target years ago and have embraced the open-view style it necessitates. While it makes grabbing dry and canned food easier, it's a bit of an eyesore.

This shelving unit is a slight step up from our current shelving unit, boasts cleaner lines and a nicer finish, and even looks a bit more organized. We could take our current shelf and put it outside on the terrace for plants and flowers (the grated shelves would be great for draining water!) and utilize this new piece for food and pan storage.

I admit I look forward to one day having a food panty of my very own. In the meantime, this will have to do!

Coming up next: Let there be light!

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