Wednesday, August 29

Ikea Inspiration, Part 8: Let There Be Light!

Years ago I made my first trip to Ikea as an adult and bought this lamp (among many other purchases):

I still use it today as a low-light source when Jeff is asleep in bed or sometimes even as a night light. It's not bright enough to light a room all on it's own but works great for a specific work area. Lighting in general is an issue in our apartment as we never seem to have enough of it. Ironically we've spent most of our summer with the blinds closed to keep out the 100+ degree heat. But we still need light for when we aren't just blocking out the blazing hot sun, and that's where these come in!

They're a bit in the same style as the desk lamp I purchased years ago but are also chic looking at the same time. I think these would look great next to our new couch! While I prefer the off-white shade, there's something about the darker shade that is really appealing to me. I'll have to see how these look in person before making a final decision.

Coming up next: A desk option

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