Sunday, October 28

A Few Changes

Since starting Apartment 54 almost a year ago I've absolutely fallen in love with blogging about home and home life. It is difficult to commit to the blog on a daily basis because of my academic pursuits, but I am as committed to this blog as I was on day one and I want to expand the scope of the blog to include more content that I can easily write about and include.

Having a lovely home isn't just about having the right couch or the perfect curtains, it's also about  creating a space that expresses your taste and style and makes you feel comfortable and yes, even beautiful. With beauty in mind, I'm going to be incorporating some more of it in Apartment 54, as well as a few other elements that are a bit tangential, but still very important to home.

And of course, Daily Inspiration will continue every day, with special weekly inspiration posts highlighting my favorite DIY projects and beauty guru videos from YouTube.

I'm looking forward to branching about  a bit and making Apartment 54 reflective of not just my home, but me.

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