Monday, October 29

Haul: Zara, Ulta & B&BW

I had quite a bit of fun shopping around online last night and picked up a few things for a great price. For a long time now I've been searching for the perfect handbag. The last one I bought is having some issues with stitching, and while it's been hanging up in the closet waiting to be repaired I've been using one of my nicer stand-bys, a BSBGeneration red leather clutch that unzips to almost double in size. But it's not a practical bag for every day use and I wanted something nice for winter.

One of my favorite celebrities, Olivia Palermo, frequently rocks a purse from Zara, and until last night I thought for sure a Zara bag would be out of my price range. I was wrong, and that's when I found the Zara City Bag with Chains. For just under $50! (And. Free. Shipping.)

$49.90 at 
But before purchasing I made sure to check out some images online and even watched a couple videos from YouTube beauty gurus to make sure the purse was as fabulous as it looked. I'm really looking forward to getting this in the mail. And free shipping!!!

One of the beauty gurus on YouTube with the Zara bag also had a video where she used the Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette, which at $50 is a little out of my price range. I found a great alternative from NYX in the Nude on Nude Palette for half the price.

$24.99 at
Also recommended by the same beauty guru was the Real Techniques makeup brushes, and I found a sort of starter kit at Ulta for just $17.99. Best of all I was able to use a 20% off code and got $5 off the price of the palette.

Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Set from
Finally, I checked out Bath and Body Works to see if any sales were happening, and was delightfully happy to see mini candles were just 2 for $5. So I picked up a few.  Well, actually nine.

Fireside, Eucalyptus Mint, Chestnut and Clove,  Marshmallow Fireside, Tis the Season, Leaves, Frosted Cranberry, Autumn Day, and Winter
 I also picked up some bath gels that were on sale. I love me some watermelon scented beauty products!

I used a coupon code to receive 20% off my entire order and receive a free candle. So all nine candles and the two bath gels came out to just over $27 after tax and shipping. At the end of the online shopping day I spent just under $130. For everything. Pretty good (if I do say so myself)!!

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