Saturday, November 10

Review: Bath & Body Works Candle in Autumn Day

Autumn Day was the first of the Bath & Body Works mini candles I purchased a couple weeks back that I have used up completely. I've only been doing one at a time so I can get a feel of what the scent is like and not confuse it with the other 8.

Product description:
A crisp, autumn medley celebrating the changing seasons and the beauty of the harvest with notes of fresh cut cedar, juicy fig, and sandalwood.

The woody layers are the most notable and memorable. In a lot of ways it reminding me of walking past an Abercrombie store in the mall with that super permeating smell of cologne. Only this isn't nearly as annoying. I think there is definitely something masculine to the smell, but also a feminine note that blend really well with the masculine.

As it was a mini candle it didn't scent my entire apartment, but it was nice to keep close while I was reading on the couch or just hanging out in my bedroom. The mini candle is only 1.3 ounces so it is pretty tiny. I actually didn't know how small they would be when I bought them but they were 2 for $5 so I guess it's a pretty good deal. I would definitely repurchase this candle in a larger size and enjoy it during the colder months.

The next candle from my Bath & Body Works mini candle haul will be Eucalyptus Mint, which I'm actually burning right now and should be done with soon!

What is your favorite candle scent this time of year? Let me know in the comments!

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