Tuesday, November 13

Television Shuffle

A short time ago we somewhat impetuously purchased a new television. The TV we've had for a long time is the one Jeff bought off of Craigslist in undergrad, and it's a 55" rear projector that was a near disaster to move into our upstairs apartment. It's held up great over time but we were starting to notice some digital wear and tear. So I randomly spotted a sale for a TV in Target for a really great price, and when we went to one of our Targets that night we found another TV that was also a great deal but on a better TV. It had a better refresh rate, was LED instead of LCD, was slightly bigger, and originally much more expensive. Even with the sale price it was more than we had anticipated purchasing. So we signed up for a Target Red Card to take off an additional 5% and bit the bullet.

And then we came home and realized we had nowhere to put it.

Since the weather started cooling down, and because I tend to need more space than my desk has, I'd been using the dining room table as my work station/office. However that afternoon I had cleaned the desk up and was preparing to move back to it so I could have some peace and quiet again.

Well, plans change. The new TV went on my desk in the bedroom and when we realized how stunning the picture on it was, we started to forget about the old clunker sitting in our living room. Soon we came to realize that we were using one more than the other and that it was more difficult to sit and watch movies/shows on our bed than it was on our couch, and so began the great TV migration.

Yes, this was actually my idea. And to be honest, I didn't really think Jef would go for it. But he did.

Thankfully the TV is on wheels so it was easier to slide it into the other room. There was a tough corner to navigate but that went surprisingly smooth. 

The couch became the temporary home of everything in the living room. I have never appreciated that sometimes you have to make a mess before you can clean. 

The new TV in the old place. Once we got the big one out we saw just how spacious our living room is. When this TV (which is 40") was in the bedroom we were so close to it that it seemed huge. Now in the living room, with us sitting on the couch several feet away, it seems really small. But now it has the Bose sound system installed with it, and it's pretty kick ass.

Trust me, you don't want to see what the big TV looks like in our bedroom. It's a black hole that sucks all the light out of the room. And I don't even think it is plugged in right now. We're discussing ways to get rid of it so that we don't have to move it ourselves once we move next summer. It was a ridiculous feat to get it upstairs in the first place and short of taking it out piece-by-piece, we have no idea how it's going to move out. I'm thinking a piano moving service, or selling it on Craigslist with the caveat that the buy has to move it him/herself. We shall see.

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