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The Giving Girl's Handmade Hair Ties (Review & Giveaway!)

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If you're unfamiliar with these popular knotted hair ties then you're in for a treat. I'm kind of obsessed with them after seeing the plethora of colors and styles they come in. I'd heard about these and seen them on wrists once in a while but surprisingly never saw them in any store. I don't often look at the hair section of a drugstore because I find a lot of it to be generic. And apparently you can find these at more upper-end department stores like Nordstrom, but I'm telling you know you'll be overpaying for something almost as generic as what you might find at the drugstore. These are anything but.

They are made in a variety of colors and styles, including a very festive candy cane style!

Not my hair, but isn't it cute?
The owner and creator behind The Giving Girl herself, Jennifer, through our mutual love of all things JewelMint, asked if I would review her handmade hair ties and offer a giveaway just in time for the holidays. Having never done a giveaway before here on Apartment 54 and always on the lookout for something pretty to add in my life, I immediately said yes.

I've had mine for about a week now and I have hardly used anything else in my hair. What I find they are perfect for is securing my hair for bed every night without worrying that it will damage my hair. I like to brush my hair back in a braid and then tie it off with one of these so that it doesn't pull my hair or leave that ugly dent. That's another thing these are great for: not giving you that ugly crevice of a dent in your hair should you happen to take out your ponytail in the middle of the day.

Perfect dainty wrist accessory
I've seen some girls wearing these on their wrists like a bracelet but honestly my wrists are not dainty enough for that without looking almost like a sausage. And while that may not be good for my wrist self esteem I find that I don't care. I don't ordinarily wear anything on my wrists (though I need to invest in a good watch) so I'm not really missing out. But they're perfect for keeping handy in a makeup bag or in your purse. They get a bit folded over after use but if you just wrap them back around the packaging or around a bottle (I wrap mine around the top of a canister of Dove dry shampoo) they get back into form easily.

While these can be color coordinated if that's something you're into, I find you can just pick one and it will look good. Of course, that is all based on your preference. I have Jennifer's Etsy shop open in another tab right now and I love looking at all the colors they come in, especially these tie dyed Marleys, the Lilacs, and especially the Pink Giraffe set. Since they're super inexpensive I can pick up all of these for a great price. I can't wait to see what she comes up with for Valentine's Day!

Win your own set of The Giving Girl handmade hair ties!
As I mentioned earlier I was given an extra set of hair ties to give away to a lucky reader of Apartment 54. Entering (and winning) is super easy and I wholeheartedly encourage you to give it a go. One lucky winer will win the two sets you see pictured above. The first is a lovely holiday pack of red, green, and a glittery red/gold combo. The second is an every day collection of (cornflower) blue, lilac/pink, white/black, a brownish gold, and maroon.

Rules to Enter:

  1. Like The Giving Girl on Facebook at
  2. Leave a comment on this post telling me how or where you would wear the handmade hair ties (be sure to comment with your current email address)
  3. 18+ years old (or have parental permission)
  4. Resident of the U.S. (not an international giveaway, sorry)
The giveaway will be open for the next week and a half, ending Friday, December 7th at midnight (PST). I will contact the winner at closing of the contest to collect mailing information. If I do not hear back from the winner within 48 hours an alternate winner will be chosen and notified.

Good luck!

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