Monday, January 7

Anniversary Post: January 3rd

It's really fun to see what sorts of plans and ideas I had for our kitchen a year ago. We had just received our KitchenAid stand mixer and five sets of Fiestaware in an assortment of colors for Christmas and we were really excited about expanding our kitchen collection. We were also inspired by the colorful palette that was developing, and over the past year our kitchen has exploded into a rainbow of beautiful colors. It continues to be one of our main motivators when it comes to selecting and purchasing new items.

From that wishlist the only item we have since purchased - and almost exactly one year to the date - is our two new dining chairs. I plan on doing a more comprehensive post on those in a little while, but I'm glad we ended up with a nice option from Pier One rather than the cheap chairs I selected from Ikea. 

I still eye every set of candlesticks I come across when we're out shopping. I will be getting my hands on a pretty set one day!

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