Friday, February 1

Instagramming It: Organizing My Beauty Collection

I don't have a very big beauty (makeup and skincare) collection, but what I do have often gets cluttered and disorganized between many different locations in the bathroom. So the other night I decided to sit down and reorganize a bit with what I had, and I'm happy with the end result.

I keep most everything in the containers you see here, plus inside a large plastic organizer I keep in my bathroom drawer (where the bigger items - like palettes - live when they're not being used). Things were getting a bit out of hand and I had to look in multiple places to find what I wanted. It just didn't make any sense. 

So I just dumped everything out and decided to start from scratch. Some items, such as the palettes in my drawer and some of the skincare items already in the pharmacy cabinet, were not included in the reorganization simply because they didn't require any organization. 

Does this look like a lot of makeup? I've seen some beauty collection videos on YouTube and they're all so, so much bigger than mine. I think mine is very modest.

Finally! Some clarity. The items I use daily, such as foundations, powders and a couple primers were put into a lovely green organizer from the Martha Stewart line at Staples. The smaller version of that box (to the right) has blushes and bronzers (I think I literally have two of each), and the acrylic container in the back just had mascaras, eyeshadows, some more primers and concealers. I reused a Birchbox box for my lipsticks/glosses (after throwing a couple old ones away) and then put pretty much everything else (tools, some samples, little items) into my Sonia Kashuk bag (I'm in love with that plaid print). 

And back into the bathroom they went. This used to be Jeffrey's side of the vanity but I kinda/sorta took it over. I don't think he even noticed. I've heard some people say that you shouldn't keep makeup in the bathroom because it can collect bacteria (let's be real, that's not a huge concern in the grand scheme of things), but all of it is sealed and not likely to be contaminated. I did, however, move my makeup brushes into the bedroom because those are exposed and may get "contaminated". 

I also took over the majority of the pharmacy cabinet (again, Jeff didn't notice) and organized my most used skincare items into the mix. 

So that's pretty much it! Honestly most of the products you see here were acquired within the last six months or so as I was building up a collection. I'm not buying any new things now because I don't really feel I need much. I do want to invest in some more, better quality brushes over time and introduce some nicer skincare items, but that can all be done over time rather than dropping that kind of money all at once. I'm quite pleased with what I have anyway!

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