Sunday, January 1

Apartment 54

I'm really excited to begin a great new project for the new year. My life took a radical shift four months ago and it was all for the better. I moved away from my family and began a new life in a new city... accompanied by the love of my life, Jeff. Things have been going great and we have adjusted well to being detached from our families. New challenges have appeared and one of the biggest is living in my own (rented) space (with Jeff). We both have a lot of dreams for how we want to make our home reflect the blending of our lives. However, living off of our financial aid (we are both grad students) is challenging and doesn't leave a lot of room for a decorating budget. We are both trying to find creative ways to make our home look great and feel wonderful. That is what this blog is all about. Welcome to our home, Apartment 54.

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