Monday, January 2

Ikea Catalog Shopping, Part 1: the Terrace

I used to love getting an Ikea catalogue in the mail whenever I remembered to order one online, only it took several weeks for it to arrive. Now I can download it in a few moments thanks to the Ikea app for my iPad. Love it. So. I browsed through just the relevant sections (i.e., the sections that coordinated with my current project ideas) and found a few things I think I must have. Thankfully and awesomely enough the app enables bookmarking so I can browse back to specific pages with ease.

One project that Jeff and I have been thinking about since before we moved in is a garden. We live on the second floor and thus have a small terrace but it isn't an impossible space. With careful planning (he can do the math) and design (I can do that part) I'm confident we can start up a garden to be proud of! 

The great thing about Ikea is that everything is cheap inexpensive but rather nice looking. I love these white pots that are a whopping 49 cents. They would be grat for the growing list of herbs I want to plant, including rosemary, basil, and parsley. One or two of the larger pots for around $15 would work great for veggies, such as onions or lettuce. We have to be smart about what we plant and when, especially considering that summer in Bakersfield climbs up into the 100's regularly.

Hanging flower pots would be great for incorporating flowers or other herbs or spices. These white ones for $4.99 are especially darling. 

While I like the simple and utilitarian look of the white pots I just love the vibrant purple variation. These would work well for indoor plants, and would look great in our colorful kitchen. 

I'd love to get some chalkboard paint and paint labels on the pots, just so I can always know what is currently growing (this might be helpful for Jeff, as well). This seems like it would just a nice touch of customization and character. 

Our front door is set back a ways on the landing and there is a good amount of space where we could put plants that don't need a lot of direct sunlight and would be slightly cooler. I love the idea of something green at the front door. It just looks so welcoming and inviting!

I've got more ideas from the Ikea catalogue! Up next... the kitchen!

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