Saturday, November 3

Addicted to Drug(store)s

I don't know what is going on with me lately but I have been obsessed with shopping for makeup and beauty products at drugstores. Perhaps it is the thrifty shopper in me or the result of watching so many beauty guru videos on YouTube, but I'm obsessed with finding great items that I've heard about or seen from others.

This is my mini-haul from a few different stores last night. I picked up the Loreal hair color, chunky white shadow pencil and face wipes from CVS, the Garnier face wash and Loreal Voluminous mascara from Ralphs (they were both on sale!) and the BB cream and three pencil shadows from Rite Aid. Admittedly the free lipgloss sample that came with the hair color clinched the purchase, but I wish I had observed it more carefully because I dyed my hair today and it came out rather red. Like a light blondeish red. And the truly sucky part was that I didn't get all the roots covered in color, including the very tip of my widow's peak, and so there is some difference in color there. I'm going to let it set in for the next couple days and then decide if I'm going to change the color again or not.

I'm still waiting on the purchases I made online last weekend, including the purse, candles and some makeup products. I also made an order from Sephora the other day.... I honestly don't know why I've been shopping so much lately but I've been getting good deals and I passed on JewelMint this month so I guess it's good that I'm editing my spending here and there. I think I have enough makeup for now to keep me satisfied so maybe the shopping sprees will stop.

In the meantime I'm still obsessed with the beauty guru videos on YouTube and I'm going to post some of my favorite this coming week so you can be just as obsessed as I am. Luck you!

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