Thursday, January 3

Anniversary Post: January 2nd

I had so many ideas for gardening and including greenery in our apartment a year ago, but I came to find out that I'm really not the greatest gardener. In fact, Jeff is much more adept at it than I am. Of all the items I loved from the gardening section of the Ikea catalog the watering can was the only one we ended up getting (in green, and not from Ikea).

For a while we were growing parsley in this contraption that sat on top of our kitchen counter but eventually we stopped that when it just became too much. Honestly who can eat that much parsley? It was like a mini jungle. There were other attempts at growing herbs and small plants but they pretty much just died.

For now we have four distinct and separate areas for growing greenery, the last of which is a brand new addition to our home. From left to right: On the table we are growing a gardenia that is doing much better in the winter than it did in the summer/fall, some bamboo, and dirt (used to be growing daisies); the big plotted plant is a dwarf lemon tree that I blogged about here back in May; I'm not sure what this plant is but it is tropical and very very green; our newest addition is another tropical plant that we decided to put in our newly redone bedroom. 

One day I'm sure we'll have more time and space to devote to beautifying any of our outdoor living space but for now these four areas will have to suffice. 

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