Tuesday, January 22

Under the Microscope

If you're a strange one like me then perhaps you've once wondered what your makeup looks like on a microscopic level. Well my curiosity got the best of me and since Jeff received a USB microscope for Christmas I decided it was time to look into that very curiosity. What does our makeup look like on a microscopic scale?

I first decided to take a look at makeup brushes to see if quality could be seen underneath the microscope. It can, but what was even more surprising (to me) was what product looks like on the brush/applicator after it's been used. I try to clean my brushes as often as I can but sometimes I get behind. After taking a closer look at what's on my foundation brush I can tell you I will be cleaning it more often.

I was so giddy and excited about this (like the nerd that I am) that I decided it would make a great feature for the blog and be an excellent way to start up my YouTube channel. The first in the series is that very foundation brush, my RealTechniques Buffing Brush that I use to apply Revlon ColorStay in Medium Beige. Care to take a look at it under the microscope?

If you have an idea of what you'd like to see under the microscope then please leave it in a comment and I'll see what I can do! If you like this type of video please let me know so I can keep making them. I have 9 more I've recorded but have yet to put together in their fancy YouTube form so if you like them, know that there are more coming!
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